Moroccanoil Treatment Light for Fine, Blonde Hair | Tutorial with Allison Anderson

Moroccanoil Treatment Light is specifically formulated for the delicate needs of light-colored (including platinum and white) and fine hair. The original foundation for hairstyling, Moroccanoil Treatment Light can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool all in one. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, this nourishing treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine—leaving hair smooth and more manageable than ever before!

Skin care with Dr Dennis Gross!

Gone are the days when a consistently radiant glow is chalked up to good genes alone. In this era of multi-skin care regimens, what everyone really wants to know when they see a lustrous complexion is, “What are you using and who is your dermatologist?” Enter Manhattan dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD, and his eponymous skin-care line. A favorite of the perfectly complected Naomi Campbell and January Jones, it includes the award-winning Alpha Beta Peel, a must-have in ELLE editors’ routines. Dedicated to making the industry secrets available beyond his Upper East Side offices, Gross is tackling new frontiers in anti-aging and developing accessible treatments and products to help smooth and luminize your skin.

Author Cotton Codinha sat down with Dr. Dennis Gross and asked a few questions about the future of skincare.

What’s the most common question you get from patients?

The phrase “tired looking skin” has grown organically among my patient population. Dull, less vibrant, not responding like it used to… The skin gets exhausted and runs out of energy. It can be from stress or pollution or lifestyle.

What is the best solution for tired looking skin?

It’s a rather quick fix. Skin needs an influx of energy from the mitochondria, which is like the battery of skin cells. This can come from a topical ingredient like vitamin C, the most powerful and important part of any anti-aging routine.

Are anti-age supplements effective?

Supplements are an important part of healthy living. My motto is, anything good for the heart is good for the skin. I’m a big fan of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils, resveratrol, and vitamin D. I believe they will slow the aging process to keep skin looking younger.

Article from Elle Magazine – June 2017

Massage for Mothers Day

Three great reasons to get Mom a massage gift card for Mothers Day!

Relieve stress

Stress is a prevalent component in today’s fast-paced world which can negatively impact on an individual’s health and well-being. Massage therapy has been shown to be a means by which stress can be reduced significantly on physical and psychological levels. While massage therapists know from experience that massage reduces stress, there is considerable research that validates our experience.

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Relieve tension headaches

Previously called muscle contraction headache, [it] is the most common type of headache. Its name indicates the role of stress and mental or emotional conflict in triggering the pain and contracting muscles in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw.

Those who seek relief from tension headache pain can benefit from massage therapy given by professional massage therapists working within their scope of practice.

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Lessen the effects of aging

Regularly receiving massage has been shown to promote relaxation1 and stability2 while helping temper the effects of dementia,3 high-blood pressure and osteoarthritis.4 By incorporating massage into a regular healthcare regimen, many older adults find a better quality of life and additional relief from a multitude of health issues.

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Boot Camp Facial For Your Skin!


Block out your Sunday night calendar because it’s time to exercise … your face! The best news? It only takes five minutes and with just one ‘work out’, you’ll see an instant glow.
Say hello to your skin’s Boot Camp master, the Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel. This patented two step formula was hand-mixed by Dr. Gross himself and administered to patients in his Upper East Side dermatology practice. In fact, it was so good at delivering results he crafted a medical strength version to use at home.
Why You Need It

It turbo charges your results, ‘Boot Camp’ style, after just one application. This super peel creates a smoother, more even complexion, boosts collagen production to tighten and firm skin, and nourishes your skin with deep long-lasting hydration. You’re left with a glowing, fresh face and a serious feel-good factor.

Step 1, Work It: The first step does all of the heavy lifting, with a powerhouse blend of 15 acids. The pre-soaked cellulose pad works with precision, removing the top layer of dead skin cells to reduce wrinkles, combat acne, clear pores, eliminate redness and dark spots, while improving cell renewal, brightness and overall skin health. The multi-acid concentrate contains a potent mix including glycolic, lactic, mandelic, malik, salicylic, gallic and linoleic acids, but doesn’t irritate your skin. The real star ingredient is a unique antioxidant called rehmannia glutinous root extract (an ancient Chinese herb), which maintains its anti-aging powers even when mixed with the acids. Apply a presoaked pad to clean dry skin (face, neck and décolletage) using a gentle circular motion, and let it work for about 3 to 5 minutes before moving onto Step 2.

Step 2, Drink Up: After such a ‘high intensity’ workout, you can’t forget to hydrate! The richly hydrating Peptide Firming Milk in the second step locks in long-lasting moisture and key nutrients. Massage the milky protein based-based liquid into your skin. This will neutralize and enhance the benefits of the turbo-charged acids. It’s loaded with retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides and coconut fruit juice to hydrate, plump, firm and tone the skin.
So, plans Sunday night? Mark your calendar as BUSY!! You’re actually working out, Netflix and chill. All you have to do is crawl into bed, get your best beauty sleep yet and wake up to a great glow to kick off the work week. Now, that’s beautyBoot Camp!

Mens color styles.




Mmensen’s color styles

Dying your hair isn’t just for women, these days the modern man isn’t afraid to go for something different in his hair care regimen. Whether it’s covering up greys to maintain a youthful appearance or going for a radical merman inspired hairdo in cool toned colors, hair color for men is not to be snubbed at. And with so many looks to choose from, there is no doubt you can find the hue that’s right for you With an abundance of hair colors out there on the market, men of all ages can take part in this trend. From Justin Bieber’s drastic bleached-blonde hair to Ryan Gosling’s platinum blonde locks, it seems like some of the most famous male celebrities in Hollywood are joining in on the hair color craze. Not all A-listers are going for the completely paled outlook to maintain their boyish good looks, celebs such as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have been regularly dyeing their hair to their natural color for years. Be sure to ask your Michael’s designer what color choice and look is best for you!

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