Going Short at Michael’s!

Our designer Ashley’s daughter Trinity, a current high school student recently went short with a new style and color!

We sat down with Trinity to ask her a few questions about what made her decide to go short with her style and what does she like about the new look.

What made you want to go with a short hair cut?

  • Well it’s easy to take care of and I get to use less product overall in my routine.
  • It also lets me have a hairstyle I can do quickly when I do not really feel like styling my hair using a ton of product and time before I leave the house.
  • Something else that I really like is my hair is short enough that I can wash it and then head out the door but most importantly it speaks to my personality and it’s a fun and edgy look.

Check out her great new style!

3 Replies to “Going Short at Michael’s!”

  1. I’ve been “short” for years! Love the simpleness, the easygoing and carefreeness of it. Jesse does my short hair now, and I love it, and wouldn’t have it Amy other way! Love my short hair!

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