Keratin Treatments, are they for you?






Keratin Treatments, are they for you?

Keratin is the main ingredient in the outer layer of hair, it’s one of the most durable proteins our body produces. When keratin treatments are applied to the hair they smooth the hair and eliminate frizz and tangles.

A keratin treatment is a smoothing treatment applied with a hot flat-iron causing the treatment to absorb into the hair and repair damage from sun, heat, pollution and your standard beauty regimen of blow drying and brushing.

Keratin treatments are not permanent and last about four to six weeks on average for an express treatment and three to five months for a blowout, it is best for curly, thick or frizzy hair. Keratin treatments are also great for hair that has undergone a chemical process such as coloring, highlighted or bleached hair, the keratin will actually repair the damage from those processes and help restore your natural shine. These treatments are not intended for straight or fine hair but you can still benefit from products that are infused with keratin such as shampoos and conditioners.

Keratin treatments are an amazing way to keep your hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free, without worry during hot humid summer days. At Michael’s we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our experienced and talented designers for your keratin treatment, Call 937.435.4701 to schedule your frizz free summer hair.






Our designer Belle in a Keratin feature video below.