Skin care with Dr Dennis Gross!

Gone are the days when a consistently radiant glow is chalked up to good genes alone. In this era of multi-skin care regimens, what everyone really wants to know when they see a lustrous complexion is, “What are you using and who is your dermatologist?” Enter Manhattan dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD, and his eponymous skin-care line. A favorite of the perfectly complected Naomi Campbell and January Jones, it includes the award-winning Alpha Beta Peel, a must-have in ELLE editors’ routines. Dedicated to making the industry secrets available beyond his Upper East Side offices, Gross is tackling new frontiers in anti-aging and developing accessible treatments and products to help smooth and luminize your skin.

Author Cotton Codinha sat down with Dr. Dennis Gross and asked a few questions about the future of skincare.

What’s the most common question you get from patients?

The phrase “tired looking skin” has grown organically among my patient population. Dull, less vibrant, not responding like it used to… The skin gets exhausted and runs out of energy. It can be from stress or pollution or lifestyle.

What is the best solution for tired looking skin?

It’s a rather quick fix. Skin needs an influx of energy from the mitochondria, which is like the battery of skin cells. This can come from a topical ingredient like vitamin C, the most powerful and important part of any anti-aging routine.

Are anti-age supplements effective?

Supplements are an important part of healthy living. My motto is, anything good for the heart is good for the skin. I’m a big fan of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils, resveratrol, and vitamin D. I believe they will slow the aging process to keep skin looking younger.

Article from Elle Magazine – June 2017

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